The BIG business mistake you probably don’t know you’re making

Building a profitable business isn’t magic; it’s actually science. And because of that, bringing in 6-figures and beyond every year isn’t as far out of your reach as you might think. But there’s one specific, HUGE mistake that’s probably preventing you from getting there. Do you want to know what that is? Chances are, the majority of your day-to-day focus is on YOU. On questions like “how do I make more money?” or “how do I get more attention from people?” or “how do I get them to buy my stuff?” The mistake you’re making is this: you’re putting yourself Continue Reading →

10 steps to take you from idea to profit

If you’ve got an idea for a business, or you are hoping to find your purpose and don’t know where to invest your time, this article is going to help you. These are the exact steps I followed to get my first paid clients. As a business and product launch mentor, I believe that in order to have a successful profitable business, you must start with a clear plan and focus on the important things that deliver results. That’s why I’m so pleased to share these 10 steps I took to go from idea to paid clients. 1.    Get clear Continue Reading →

Beginner’s guide to building your first email list

Every successful entrepreneur has learned that email marketing is one of the most important assets in building a thriving business, I see people make a huge mistake of focusing majority of their energy and attention in driving traffic to their site and spending countless hours tending their social media sites. This is a big mistake!!! Bottom line, if you intend to sell products or services of any kind, then you definitely need an email list. When you’re ready to start building your list, watch this step-by-step tutorial, where I walk you through the entire process. You’ll learn everything you need Continue Reading →

Get 1,000 Subscribers in the Next 90 Days

Does any of this sound familiar to you? “I update content on my blog on a regular basis but the traffic is just trickling in. I have no idea how to even get started with attracting subscribers.” “I’ve worked myself ragged creating newsletter and email content. I make sure to email the small list that I have built on a regular basis but nothing is happening. It’s like I’m working for free!” “I spend the entire week creating content for my social media sites, commenting on other blogs and guest posting — but none of it is working!” If you Continue Reading →

How to setup and deliver your Content Upgrades (without making a mess)

Last week I showed you how to get 1000 subscribers by creating Unique lead magnets called “content upgrades” for each of your blog posts. The single biggest hurdle that I faced when starting was knowing how to wire all of the different components together. Without a plan, it became a mess very quickly. I was using MailChimp, but after creating post specific lead magnets, I realized I had created a TON of extra work for myself! I had multiple lists for multiple lead magnets and, of course, duplicate subscribers all over the place. Figuring out the technology part of it was a massive Continue Reading →