• If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur ready to uplevel your freedom, fulfillment, and abundance…
  • If you know deep down you deserve a thriving business that fully supports the lifestyle you want…
  • If you know you’re meant to have a much bigger impact with your expertise…

but have no clue how to make it happen without working yourself into the ground…

You’re in the right place!

Let me show you what’s standing in the way of filling your sales pipeline — and why you’re not selling your programs, courses, and services consistently.

3 Key pieces to growing your impact, freedom and revenue:

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for the last 20 years, nailing these are crucial to your growth:

  • Marketing Your Truth™: Good marketing should feel like an honest extension of who you are. When you market from a place of deep knowing and truth, of real authenticity, your ideal-fit clients naturally gravitate toward you. When they feel connected to your message, they’re more likely to reach out and buy from you.

  • Systematically Scale Your Offerings: Moving beyond the 1:1 model is essential for your growth. By developing scalable, high-ticket offerings like flagship group programs allows you move beyond just serving more clients. You boost your income and create space to enhance your personal growth — which in turn enhances your services. 

  • Consistently Engage and Convert: Imagine a system that works tirelessly on your behalf, not just generating leads but warming them up, building relationships, and fostering trust. When your sales system aligns perfectly with your authentic marketing strategy, it attracts and transforms ideal-fit leads into eager clients ready to say YES.

Ready to join over hundreds of my clients who’ve scaled their profits to over $40 million in sales?

Embrace Integrated Marketing From Your Truth

Hear what clients have to say…

$87,000 in net profit in the last 2 months!

With Eli’s guidance, I’ve generated $87k in just 2 months! In February 2023 I followed Eli’s Piloting approach to launch a new program. With 8 students on board, I delivered a 4-hour training, resulting in 31K revenue. I decided to pilot it again in March. This time enrolling 14 students and generating 56K in profit!

Frank Bunn
Professional Trader and Coach

Eli’s system absolutely changed everything for me!”

I didn’t have an audience but following Eli’s guided strategy, not only I was able to launch my program but I filled up all seats when I launched it. Absolutely a game-changing moment for my business.

Carol Surya
Raising Positive Kids

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A high-touch program for committed experts & coaches who want to lay 6-figure foundations to accelerate your revenue to $5k-$10k months with PREMIUM offers & organic marketing

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An easy-to-implement framework to help you GROW + SCALE.

An easy-to-follow playbook for building a lucrative business. It’s the same strategic approach I teach my consulting clients — and the one I’ve used to build 2 successful multi-six-figure businesses.

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You’ll be equipped with the necessary tools, strategies, and support to build your audience, establish your expert platform, and confidently roll out your program – All in 12 weeks!

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