Did you spend months creating that amazing online course, but now you’re realizing you’ve forgot to create a marketing strategy for your course to sell it? Don’t feel bad. You’re definitely not the first person to create a course before they create a strategy to sell it.

But how do you sell an online course in an overcrowded market?

On top of that, you’re amazing at what you do, but selling and marketing is not your thing at all. … It may be tempting to hide, play small, stay out of the spotlight and not speak up, but this will get you nowhere. You not only limit your exposure, you also limit your own potential course sales.

Believe it or not, by taking very few but planned steps, you can strategically break through the noise, gain visibility & exposure, and let your audience know you’re the ONLY viable option to they have to solve their problems.

Below is an infographic of 10 things you can implement to strategically outshine ad outsmart all your competitors and get in front of your ideal audience. Even if you hate selling and marketing.

Tips for online course creators who want to get noticed:

10 Ways to gain visibility: Tips for Online course creators Who Want to Get Noticed

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Now it’s your turn. Love to hear what’s been working for you. What methods and strategies are you currently using to break into the market and sell more courses