Have you ever heard the advice that “your offer must solve the right problem for your audience?”

It sounds logical, right?

So why isn’t it working for most people?

Why so many are unclear if their program or course is solving the Right Problem for their Audience?

You’re going in circles, keep tweaking your offers, but still can’t figure out if your course or program is solving the right problem.

Don’t blame yourself.

You’ve been given a vague, arbitrary, and subjective assignment — so let me simplify things for you.

Identifying the Right Problem to Solve

Instead of questioning whether this is the right problem to solve for your audience, ask yourself these 3 questions:

❓Am I passionate about solving this problem?

Before diving into solving a problem, it’s important to re-examine your passion for it.

Ask yourself if the issue at hand truly lights a fire in you.

Passion fuels perseverance, and solving a problem that resonates with you deeply will give you the drive and motivation to stay dedicated to finding the RIGHT solutions.

❓Am I committed to solving this problem?

Commitment is another crucial factor in identifying the right problem to solve.

Are you willing to invest the time, effort, and resources needed to address the issue thoroughly?

Solving complex problems often requires sustained dedication and resilience, so evaluating your commitment level upfront can help you gauge your readiness to tackle all those challenges.

❓Am I called to solve this problem?

Ask yourself: Do I Feel a Strong Calling to Address this Issue?

Ask yourself if you feel a strong inner conviction to find the solution.

When you feel that sense of duty — that it’s up to you to figure it out — that’s the most powerful motivator that will drive you to persist and keep going until you’ve found the right solution.

Take me for example… I’ve been dedicated to solving a specific problem for years:

🤔Why do some of my clients turn their expertise into a flagship program and immediately land clients, while others can’t even sell their expertise for a measly $47 bucks?

🤔Why do some walk away with $30K launches, while others only fill 3 or 4 seats?

🤔Why are some able to do 4 or 5-figure course launches, while others flop?

That’s the problem I’ve been examining, comparing, and analyzing from all angles, to help me identify the specific roadblocks my clients face.

That’s the problem I’ve been committed to solving — by tweaking, fine-tuning, re-structuring, and improving my solutions to address and remove those roadblocks as they come up!

For example, The 6-Figure Society resulted from my commitment to finding solutions to 4 common, recurring patterns that kept my clients stuck. So on top of helping them build their expert platform and market their unique solutions, I also:

1. Put systems and processes in place to keep them accountable.

2. Provided opportunities for them to implement what they learn and get feedback, so they don’t get lost in the weeds.

3. Structured sessions to give them time to brainstorm with their peers, so they hit the ground running when they leave each session.

4. Created an engaging environment for them to support and partner with each other.

And I’ll continue being committed to finding solutions to any and all roadblocks as they surface. That’s how you stay on top of mind, get amazing testimonials, and referrals, and increase the lifetime value of each client.

So if you’re frustrated and wondering why your program or service is not selling consistently, ask yourself this question: Are you willing to commit the time and resources to solve the problem that YOU care about solving?

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