Ok, so by now you should be convinced. Lead magnets are one of the best ways to get more email subscribers and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

But let’s face it. We’re all pretty busy.

I bet you’ve been planning some lead magnets for a while now, you might even have started one but never got round to finishing it.

In this article I want to share with you simple tricks and ideas that will have you up and running with your Lead Magnet in no time.

Before we dive into the lead magnet ideas, let’s cover the basics first…

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is the most effective way to seduce your prospects by giving them a taste of what your products can do for them.

You do that by giving them something really valuable for FREE – in exchange for their contact information.

Specifically, you want their email address.

The right lead magnet creates an unforgettable first impression for your potential customers.

And by getting their contact information, you continue to let them get to know you better. And ultimately convince them to make the commitment to buy from you.

This only works if what you’re offering is really valuable and irresistible!

There are 4 things that your lead magnet should do if you want it to be absolutely valuable and irresistible:

  1.  Speak to a specific solution. Don’t create a lead magnet about something general. The more specific you are about the benefit of your lead magnet, the better it will convert lead.
  2. Make sure it’s aligned with your paid product.   If you are selling Detox Program, then you can create a lead magnet on “10 Delicious Detox Water Recipes”. This will ultimate help you sell your paid product easier.
  3. Keep it very simple and short. It’s not about how it looks, but how well you are communicating the value to people. There should be a very clear offer in place explaining the value your subscriber will receive — in a straightforward, obvious way.
  4. Ask for as little info as possible. Don’t make it feel like work! The more you ask for, the more likely they’ll abandon the page and give you nothing. Email and name are all you need

Lead magnets come in many shapes and sizes. From free ebooks to discounts and savings, their scope covers anything designed with the intention to attract and capture the contact details of a potential lead.

There are so many different Lead Magnets that you can offer! Below is a partial list of some of the most effective lead magnets and acquisition techniques, to give some ideas. The options are only limited by your creativity:


Tips and Resources Lead Magnet

Bookmark interesting articles relevant to your topic or interest area.

Then, on the same day each week, send those links to subscribers along with 5-10 quick tips they can use.

Smashing Magazine does a great job at this.



Ebook Lead Magnet

The best eBooks are the ones that educate your prospects while sharing actionable insights that helps them solve a problem.

Michaelhyatt.com is an authoritative site that uses an ebook as a lead magnet.



Case Study Lead Magnet

These let potential customers know that you understand your industry deeply, and that others have seen success by using your products.

Life Dojo’s Exercise & Employees promotion is a good example of a whitepaper being used as a lead magnet.



Free Webinar Lead Magnet

Educate your prospects about the benefits and problems that your product solves. Webinars are one of the best conversion drivers for warm leads.

Neil Patel does a great job using webinars as a lead magnet.



Free Trial Lead Magnet

If your course follows a subscription model, you could capture leads by offering a free 24-hour trial.

This is an example of Gotomeeting using a free trial of its service as a
lead magnet.



Mini Courses and Video Training Lead Magnet

Create a mini-course or video series that provides a solution to one of
your customers’ main problems.

Here’s an example of such a video course from Mindvalley, offering a
5-day mini course.



User Survey Lead Magnet

These generate huge social engagement and are great for capturing email addresses.

Allow people to take a test that analyzes something they’re interested in and gives them a custom result.

Here’s a great example from
Website Grader.



Toold and ToolKit Lead Magnet

No matter what industry you’re in, you likely have several tools that help you do your job.

You might assume that everyone knows about the tools you’re using. The reality is, they probably don’t.

Here’s a toolkit from HubSpot.



CheatSheet Lead Magnet Example

Checklists/CheatSheets are extremely useful — and therefore have a high perceived value.

You’re making prospects’ lives easier by providing essential steps for a particular topic or activity.

Here’s a great example from Teachable.


The trick with this is to start small and go for the quick win!

Many times people tend to overthink their lead magnets. In trying to create the most amazing piece of content that the world has ever seen they end up publishing nothing. So their website stays in this limbo where it just isn’t contributing leads to the business.

The truth is what might not be so amazing to you, is probably amazing to your customers. The knowledge that you take for granted everyday can help your potential customers solve some big problems. And as a result, that’s exactly how you will build trust with them.

If you’re still undecided about what type of lead magnet you should do , then here are 3 questions that will help you decide:

Is this your first time creating a lead magnet?
If the answer to this is yes, then you should create a Tips and Resource.

Can you share practical, actionable advice with your readers?
If the answer to this is yes, then you should create a Checklist.

Do you have a lot of content in your blog archives already?
If the answer to this is yes, then you should create an eBook.