Service First Framework: smarter way to grow your business

The number one thing we all obsess over is covered daily in blog posts, social sites, conferences, networking events, etc. There’s no shortage of marketing gurus endlessly sharing their tips on how to get new customers and grow your business. We’re bombarded daily with “next-big-things” and “can’t-miss-shiny-objects,” all promising to bring us hordes of new customers. Right questions, wrong answer. “How do I get new customers?” “How do I grow my business?” Think for a minute about all of the effort and brainpower we put out every day, trying to find and win new customers. Yet, how many of us Continue Reading →

How To Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course using LearnWorlds

I started my journey in creating and selling online courses back in 2010. Over the past nine years, creating and selling online courses has allowed me to start and grow two successful businesses, bringing consistent multiple six-figure revenue. To date, I’ve created and launched 9 online courses for my two businesses and 100s more for clients. When I started on this path, there weren’t many platforms or resources available to make it easy on course creators, such as myself, to sell our courses – but that’s not the case anymore… As a course creator, we now have so many great Continue Reading →

10 Ways to gain visibility: Tips for Online course creators Who Want to Get Noticed

Did you spend months creating that amazing online course, but now you’re realizing you’ve forgot to create a marketing strategy for your course to sell it? Don’t feel bad. You’re definitely not the first person to create a course before they create a strategy to sell it. But how do you sell an online course in an overcrowded market? On top of that, you’re amazing at what you do, but selling and marketing is not your thing at all. … It may be tempting to hide, play small, stay out of the spotlight and not speak up, but this will Continue Reading →

Create a high converting sales funnel in 6 easy steps

What is a Sales Funnel? For those of you who aren’t quite sure what a sales funnel is, it is basically a marketing system. It is an ideal progression in which you take your potential customers by hand and walk them through a well-planned journey, to turn them from just browsers of your content to life-long customers. It’s the most ideal way to get sales from people who don’t know you but are truly interested in you and your product. The marketing funnel or sales funnel is not a new concept in business but unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t Continue Reading →

Should you build your audience before your offer?

I get asked this question all the time! Do you create an offer (your product and/or service)​ FIRST , and THEN build an audience around it, or… do you build an audience FIRST, and then create an offer for them? In all honestly, if you have the right strategy in place, you can make either approach work for you. But there are some advantages to building an audience before creating an offer.   Validate before building A big advantage to building your audience first, is that you’d be able to validate whether there is an audience for your offer. This is very Continue Reading →

One simple strategy to get more email subscribers

So you’ve spent months screwing around, creating amazing content…and nothing is happening. Despite all your effort, you still haven’t cracked 100 subscribers. I know…I was one of you. You want more email subscribers – and more leads. Now we all know the single best way to get both is to offer a lead magnet – a free incentive for joining your email list. Even if you’ve never heard that term before, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with lead magnets —you’ve likely downloaded one yourself at some point! Basically, you’re offering your readers a free resource to entice them Continue Reading →

6 visual marketing tools that help your social posts stand out

Did you know Social posts with images get 3x more engagement? They get more views and more shares than other content. That means if you don’t have a visual content creation strategy, you’re losing your audience. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a graphic design wiz to create engaging and attractive visual content for you social media. There are many free and/ or low cost, easy to use tools you can use to make social media posts, banners, infographics, and so much more. In this article, I’d like to share with you my top, 6 favorite Continue Reading →

The BIG business mistake you probably don’t know you’re making

Building a profitable business isn’t magic; it’s actually science. And because of that, bringing in 6-figures and beyond every year isn’t as far out of your reach as you might think. But there’s one specific, HUGE mistake that’s probably preventing you from getting there. Do you want to know what that is? Chances are, the majority of your day-to-day focus is on YOU. On questions like “how do I make more money?” or “how do I get more attention from people?” or “how do I get them to buy my stuff?” The mistake you’re making is this: you’re putting yourself Continue Reading →

91 ways to promote and sell courses online

Are you looking for ways to create and sell courses online? Fortunately, there has never been a better time, than now, to create online courses. Online Training industry is one of the fastest growing industries — and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s estimated to continue growing at a rate of 5% until 2024, to becoming a 2.4 billion dollar industry. So the good news is, there is so much room and potential for all of us to make money in online education industry. But online course creation is only part of the picture. Most people spend a great Continue Reading →

10 steps to turn your online business ideas to a profitable profession

It seems that there’s no shortage of great online business ideas. But the biggest challenge for most people is NOT knowing where to start, and what steps to follow. If you Google “online business ideas,” you’ll find no shortage of articles claiming to have the “top 100 Online Business ideas That’ll make you rich.” As crucial as it is to know what idea to pursue, it’s actually even more crucial to follow the right steps to succeed. You might be onto something really great, but if you don’t know how to take your idea and turn it into a profitable Continue Reading →