The Power of Email Marketing for Course Creators

When it comes to promoting and selling my courses, ONE method has proven to be highly effective and reliable - email marketing. Online Courses have been going strong for more than a decade, but at the same time, reaching potential students and driving course sales is becoming challenging. Email marketing has been my saving grace -- keeping my audience engaged and consistently boosting sales. Why don’t we dive deeper into the effectiveness of email marketing for course creators, compare it to other marketing methods, explore its key features, and . . . Continue Reading

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Maximizing Student Engagement and Course Completion Rates with Podia’s Email Marketing

As course creators, we have a tremendous opportunity to create a thriving, freedom-based business. But one of the challenges most creators face is getting their students to the finish line. Low Completion and Engagement: The Elephant in the Virtual Classroom Let's face it – Low student engagement and completion rates can be discouraging for both creators and learners. As creators, we pour our hearts into crafting exceptional content, so it's disheartening when students don't complete the course. But the good news is, we have the power to change this . . . Continue Reading

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How to Sell Out your group program without stressful launches

Have you been thinking about adding group programs to your existing offers? Then you already know it’s not as easy as turning your one-on-one offer into a group format. It takes a very specific strategy, to make sure you’re delivering the same results in your 1:many offer, as your 1:1. But once you’ve got that part figured out, the next hurdle is selling out your program. The most common way – according to 99.999% of advice from “marketing experts & gurus” is the “Launch Method”. At the bare minimum, you’ll . . . Continue Reading

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