Should you build your audience before creating your online course?

I get asked this question all the time! Should you create your online course  FIRST, and THEN build an audience around it, or... do you build an audience FIRST, and then create your online course for them? In all honestly, if you have the right strategy in place, you can make either approach work for you. But there are some advantages to building an audience before creating your online course.   Validate before building A big advantage to building your audience first, is that you’d be able to validate whether . . . Continue Reading

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Digital Marketing trend you shouldn’t ignore in 2020

As we’re moving into a new year,  it's a great time to pay closer attention to the marketing trends we’re likely to see more of in 2020 and course correct accordingly! Now, if you've been thinking about selling your products and services for more than a second, then you know that most savvy marketers walk their prospects through a specific path in order to maximize their sales conversation rate. In majority of cases, that path looks something like this: Step one: Free Incentive. Offering your prospects a freebie, in exchange . . . Continue Reading

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Service First Framework: smarter way to grow your business

The number one thing we all obsess over is covered daily in blog posts, social sites, conferences, networking events, etc. There’s no shortage of marketing gurus endlessly sharing their tips on how to get new customers and grow your business. We’re bombarded daily with “next-big-things” and “can’t-miss-shiny-objects,” all promising to bring us hordes of new customers. Right questions, wrong answer. “How do I get new customers?” “How do I grow my business?” Think for a minute about all of the effort and brainpower we put out every day, trying to . . . Continue Reading

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