Overcoming the Biggest Challenge in Selling Your Coaching Programs and Services in 2024

In 2024, as a coach or expert in your field, your biggest competition is not who you might expect. It's not a rival company or a competitor with a similar offering. Your biggest competition — the most critical threat to your sales — is your potential customer or client choosing to DO NOTHING! ​Yes, they actually need the help. They understand the value of investing in themselves. But they’re choosing to do nothing because they’ve lost confidence in themselves. It’s terribly self-destructive! But they've reached a point where they doubt . . . Continue Reading

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3 questions to help you win more clients

Have you ever heard the advice that "your offer must solve the right problem for your audience?" It sounds logical, right? So why isn't it working for most people? Why so many are unclear if their program or course is solving the Right Problem for their Audience? You're going in circles, keep tweaking your offers, but still can't figure out if your course or program is solving the right problem. Don't blame yourself. You've been given a vague, arbitrary, and subjective assignment -- so let me simplify things for you. . . . Continue Reading

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Building a Six-Figure Course Business

For every success story you hear, there are thousands of people who don’t make it. Having an online course doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money. In fact, the majority of course creators barely make any money from their course creation efforts. And that’s not because they’re not smart enough, or talented enough, or their course wasn’t good enough. The reason those people aren’t making money is because they’re only doing half the work required to succeed as an online instructor: creating the course itself. The other half — the half . . . Continue Reading

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