91 ways to promote and sell courses online

Are you looking for ways to create and sell courses online? Fortunately, there has never been a better time, than now, to create online courses. The online Training industry is one of the fastest-growing industries -- and it's not going anywhere. In fact, it's estimated to continue growing at a rate of 5% until 2024, to becoming a 2.4 billion dollar industry. So the good news is, that there is so much room and potential for all of us to make money in the online education industry. But online course . . . Continue Reading

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3 Key Ingredients to Increase Your Online Course Sales

For over a decade my husband and I have been able to earn 70% of our income passively by creating and selling online courses. I would absolutely love to tell you that once we created our first online training course, enrollments rolled in, and everything from that point forward was roses and rainbows. The truth is that it took us nearly 4 years to feel in complete control, and have confidence we’re on the right path. The road to creating and selling online courses during those 4 years was a . . . Continue Reading

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Digital Marketing trend you shouldn’t ignore in 2020

As we’re moving into a new year,  it's a great time to pay closer attention to the marketing trends we’re likely to see more of in 2020 and course correct accordingly! Now, if you've been thinking about selling your products and services for more than a second, then you know that most savvy marketers walk their prospects through a specific path in order to maximize their sales conversation rate. In majority of cases, that path looks something like this: Step one: Free Incentive. Offering your prospects a freebie, in exchange . . . Continue Reading

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