How to Sell Out your group program without stressful launches

Have you been thinking about adding group programs to your existing offers? Then you already know it’s not as easy as turning your one-on-one offer into a group format. It takes a very specific strategy, to make sure you’re delivering the same results in your 1:many offer, as your 1:1. But once you’ve got that part figured out, the next hurdle is selling out your program. The most common way – according to 99.999% of advice from “marketing experts & gurus” is the “Launch Method”. At the bare minimum, you’ll . . . Continue Reading

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What does my weight have to do with your business growth?

What if I told you the reason behind my 17-year struggle to lose the same 20 pounds is the ANSWER you've been looking for, to finally take your business to the next level? Let me explain 🙂 Most of us are very good at setting goals. We all have dreams and aspirations we fantasize about achieving. But, when it comes to actually executing on them…most of us fall short. It’s really not our fault; the real cause is that we’re wired to behave this way. Every decision we make – . . . Continue Reading

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Create Online Courses in 6 steps

Do you want to create an online course but you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start? It all comes down to having a process --  a system --  that helps you know what to do first and next. Let me give you that system, a 6 step process, that I follow for myself and my clients to create online courses with ease and grace! Keep in mind that if you’re planning to create a course that’s under 4 hours… which is a typical length for the majority of courses, . . . Continue Reading

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