Eli’s approach— Marketing Your Truth ™ —has not only guided over 2,000 clients but also helped them collectively profit by more than $40 million.

This transformational philosophy is what she brings to your event.

Empowering your audience to lead their marketing efforts not just to sell, but to sincerely serve others—turning their authenticity into a powerful catalyst for both business and personal growth.

When we communicate the value of our wisdom authentically, we’re not merely transmitting information; we’re inviting our audience into a transformative dialogue.

This approach connects seamlessly with their needs and desires, making every marketing effort feel as natural as a conversation with a friend.

Explore Eli’s Signature Talks:

Fall Back in Love with Your Business: How to Scale without the Hustle and Stress

After years of hustling to scale their operations, many business owners find themselves feeling depleted, struggling to reignite their passion for their enterprises. Modern marketing adds layers of complexity, with multiple offers, tools, platforms, and the relentless demands of social media, often leading to more frustration than results.

In this revealing talk, discover how to harness your unique magic and persuasion style, stepping away from generic formulas and blueprints that don’t resonate with who you are. It’s about making your business and marketing efforts feel as natural and truthful as your personality.

  • Define Your Unique Position: Clarify your specific point of view to create a compelling market presence that truly represents you.
  • Embrace Authentic Marketing: Move away from high-pressure tactics and connect deeply with your ideal clients by marketing from a place of truth.
  • Align Tools with Your Values: Select tools and strategies that match your values and amplify your authentic voice.

Invisible to Influencer: Rising to the Top without Resorting to Pushy and Coercive Marketing Tactics

Many brilliant entrepreneurs shy away from marketing because they associate it with the extroverted, in-your-face tactics commonly displayed by online influencers. If you’re uncomfortable with this approach, you might feel invisible in your market, leading to unheard voices and lost sales.

Stop playing a marketing game that doesn’t fit you. True marketing aligns with your deepest truths and purposes, allowing you to communicate with passion, conviction, and integrity. This authentic approach doesn’t just share a message—it shines a light that naturally attracts clients.

In this enlightening talk, you will:

  • Uncover Your Unique Voice: Learn a three-step process to discover and refine your unique perspective that resonates with who you are.

  • Communicate Effectively: Find out how to articulate your message and deliver it in the right places, ensuring it reaches and engages the right audience.
  • AEstablish Key Touch points: Understand the essential touchpoints that draw your ideal clients to you and your offerings, relying on integrity rather than manipulative sales tactics.