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Service First Framework

Why do some entrepreneurs thrive while others struggle

There's a good reason. And it's something that far too many marketers (and marketing books) leave out. While entrepreneurs rush to gobble up all of this seemingly good advice, they never really get the result they're after.

Based on Eli Natoli's 20+ years of experience, The Service First Framework shows you why miracle checklists or over-the-top sales and marketing tactics don't work — and give you a better, clear path to creating, promoting and selling your products and services.


By the time you reach the last page, you'll know:

Service Frame Work Eli Natoli
  • Why most entrepreneurs get stuck in a tactical loopthat leads to failure - and what to do instead.
  • The one and only thing you need to get clear on in order to know - beyond the shadow of a doubt - how to find the right buyers for your offering.
  • The exact exercise to determine what type of product or service you should create, and why it will serve as the ultimate answer to your ideal buyer's ongoing prayers.
  • How to package and presentyour product and present your product and service, in order to stand out from 95% of your competitors.
  • How to quickly and easily communicate its value to your ideal buyers so they'll know it's right for them.
  • The only 5-part Sales Funnel you'll ever need to attract, engage and prime your ideal buyers to buy from you.
  • The two must-follow ingredients that makes customers convince themselves to buy from you.


I've found two six-figure businesses on this framework - so I'm not preaching anything I don't practice myself

The Service First Framework will show you how to overcome those obstacles and connect with the people who need you and your expertise. It's a bridge that connects your products and services with the people who want and need them most.

My differentiator - the foundation of two successful, six-figure online businesses - has always been a relentless focus on service , in the true sense of the word. The work laid out in this book is the model I've used to create longevity and profitability, for myself and for my clients.

Don't take my word for it - read the reviews.

Get my not-so secret secret to thriving as an entrepreneur.

The Service First Framework is my secret weapon for helping serious entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster and take them further for nearly 20 years - why not yours?