Digital Marketing trend you shouldn’t ignore in 2020

As we’re moving into a new year,  it’s a great time to pay closer attention to the marketing trends we’re likely to see more of in 2020 and course correct accordingly! Now, if you’ve been thinking about selling your products and services for more than a second, then you know that most savvy marketers walk their prospects through a specific path in order to maximize their sales conversation rate. In majority of cases, that path looks something like this: Step one: Free Incentive. Offering your prospects a freebie, in exchange to get them on your email list. This could be Continue Reading →

How To Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course using LearnWorlds

I started my journey in creating and selling online courses back in 2010. Over the past nine years, creating and selling online courses has allowed me to start and grow two successful businesses, bringing consistent multiple six-figure revenue. To date, I’ve created and launched 9 online courses for my two businesses and 100s more for clients. When I started on this path, there weren’t many platforms or resources available to make it easy on course creators, such as myself, to sell our courses – but that’s not the case anymore… As a course creator, we now have so many great Continue Reading →

10 Ways to gain visibility: Tips for Online course creators Who Want to Get Noticed

Did you spend months creating that amazing online course, but now you’re realizing you’ve forgot to create a marketing strategy for your course to sell it? Don’t feel bad. You’re definitely not the first person to create a course before they create a strategy to sell it. But how do you sell an online course in an overcrowded market? On top of that, you’re amazing at what you do, but selling and marketing is not your thing at all. … It may be tempting to hide, play small, stay out of the spotlight and not speak up, but this will Continue Reading →

Should you build your audience before your offer?

I get asked this question all the time! Do you create an offer (your product and/or service)​ FIRST , and THEN build an audience around it, or… do you build an audience FIRST, and then create an offer for them? In all honestly, if you have the right strategy in place, you can make either approach work for you. But there are some advantages to building an audience before creating an offer.   Validate before building A big advantage to building your audience first, is that you’d be able to validate whether there is an audience for your offer. This is very Continue Reading →

6 visual marketing tools that help your social posts stand out

Did you know Social posts with images get 3x more engagement? They get more views and more shares than other content. That means if you don’t have a visual content creation strategy, you’re losing your audience. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a graphic design wiz to create engaging and attractive visual content for you social media. There are many free and/ or low cost, easy to use tools you can use to make social media posts, banners, infographics, and so much more. In this article, I’d like to share with you my top, 6 favorite Continue Reading →

The BIG business mistake you probably don’t know you’re making

Building a profitable business isn’t magic; it’s actually science. And because of that, bringing in 6-figures and beyond every year isn’t as far out of your reach as you might think. But there’s one specific, HUGE mistake that’s probably preventing you from getting there. Do you want to know what that is? Chances are, the majority of your day-to-day focus is on YOU. On questions like “how do I make more money?” or “how do I get more attention from people?” or “how do I get them to buy my stuff?” The mistake you’re making is this: you’re putting yourself Continue Reading →

10 steps to turn your online business ideas to a profitable profession

It seems that there’s no shortage of great online business ideas. But the biggest challenge for most people is NOT knowing where to start, and what steps to follow. If you Google “online business ideas,” you’ll find no shortage of articles claiming to have the “top 100 Online Business ideas That’ll make you rich.” As crucial as it is to know what idea to pursue, it’s actually even more crucial to follow the right steps to succeed. You might be onto something really great, but if you don’t know how to take your idea and turn it into a profitable Continue Reading →

Beginner’s guide to building your first email list

Every successful entrepreneur has learned that email marketing is one of the most important assets in building a thriving business, I see people make a huge mistake of focusing majority of their energy and attention in driving traffic to their site and spending countless hours tending their social media sites. This is a big mistake!!! Bottom line, if you intend to sell products or services of any kind, then you definitely need an email list. When you’re ready to start building your list, watch this step-by-step tutorial, where I walk you through the entire process. You’ll learn everything you need Continue Reading →

List Building 101: Get 1,000 new subscribers in the next 90 days

pin me please!!If you run any kind of online business, then you know list building is a crucial part of having a thriving business. And, no matter how many subscribers you currently have, you’re  always looking to add more to your email list. Because, as we’ve all heard, “money is in the list.” And, I’m sure you’ve also heard that the best way to grow that email list is to regularly create fresh content for your blog. To show up consistently on your social sites: share, post, comment. Create fresh email blast content to keep your current subscribers engaged. But Continue Reading →

How to setup and deliver your Content Upgrades (without making a mess)

Last week I showed you how to get 1000 subscribers by creating Unique lead magnets called “content upgrades” for each of your blog posts. The single biggest hurdle that I faced when starting was knowing how to wire all of the different components together. Without a plan, it became a mess very quickly. I was using MailChimp, but after creating post specific lead magnets, I realized I had created a TON of extra work for myself! I had multiple lists for multiple lead magnets and, of course, duplicate subscribers all over the place. Figuring out the technology part of it was a massive Continue Reading →