Do you want to create an online course but you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

It all comes down to having a process —  a system —  that helps you know what to do first and next.

Let me give you that system, a 6 step process, that I follow for myself and my clients to create online courses with ease and grace!

Keep in mind that if you’re planning to create a course that’s under 4 hours… which is a typical length for the majority of courses, then you should be able to go through these 6 steps from an idea in your head to a full published course in just 8 weeks.

At a high level these are the steps and the expected duration for each of the steps:

  1. Research to Validate your course topic — 1 week
  2. Creating a framework for your course —  1 week
  3. Scripting  — 2 weeks
  4. Recording — 1 week
  5. Editing — 2 weeks
  6. Step 6 — publishing 1 week

Watch the video, for a deeper dive into each of these phases.

Resources mentioned in the video:

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