You want clients, money, and FREEDOM just as much
as anybody else — probably MORE — but building a successful business just isn’t happening for you.

  • You’re reading post after post, jumping on all kinds of webinars, doing everything you’ve been told to do, and still struggling to find consistent, paying clients.
  • You know you can have the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of, but the hours you’re spending trying to move forward aren’t paying off. Where are the clients? And the money??
  • You’ve invested in yet another “grow your business” program, only to get sub-par service and make $0 in return.
  • Are you done struggling with doubt and fear, wondering whether or not you have what it takes to create 6-figure months?

Can I be honest with you here?

The truth here is that having your own business isn’t for everyone.

And, unfortunately 80% of people who start a business don’t ever make it to the top.

In fact, most entrepreneurs will never make 6 or 7 figures in their businesses.

The sad truth is that many eventually go back to their day jobs.

And others just keep struggling year after year, riding the daily roller coaster, barely breaking even, and having no financial security to show for it.

But the ones who DO make it?
They get to live their dreams…
They get to transform their lives from
“dollars-per-hour” burnout to the
freedom, flexibility and leverage they
need to grow to 5 figures and beyond.

When you started your business,
you had a dream of your own.

Maybe you wanted…

  • To leave the 9-5 corporate life behind: having no control over your schedule, dealing with annoying office politics, and feeling constant pressure to prove yourself.
  • To pursue your passions, seek out your purpose, and fulfill your potential… all while making an impact on the world: you want to feel alive and challenged – and you want your life to have meaning!
  • To have independence and financial freedom: you’d rather be working from the beach on a beautiful summer day instead of being chained to a desk in some dreary cubicle farm. To you, becoming an entrepreneur means unlimited earning potential..

Whatever your dream is, you’ve learned that entrepreneurship can be a ticket to freedom.

You see what life can look like as a successful business owner.

You see people with huge followings of raving fans, becoming known for their messages, selling their products, programs and services like hotcakes.

But your ticket to freedom feels so far away.

In your heart, you’re certain that your dream life is possible, now — not sometime in the distant future — but you’re tired of wrestling with fear and doubt about whether or not you have what it takes.

The simple truth is that if you want to be
successful in TODAY’S digital world…

…you have two choices.

    • You do what 95 % of your peers are doing. You attempt to run a business with pushy, sales-y outdated marketing methods while telling yourself a story of “one day…” only to be left in the dust.


  • You DOMINATE your industry! You learn the right way to communicate and deliver your message and offer, by implementing skills and systems revealed during my private mentorship (yep, the kind they’re not teaching you in any schools or workshops).
  • You focus hard on the tasks that communicate and get real results for your clients. And you use those results, that proof, to make your expertise stand out in your industry. You’re not just another juice box, next to all the other juice boxes — you’re the one everybody wants and everybody buys, because you provide true, measurable, demonstrable value to your customers.

This works — for one simple reason:

When your clients see results, so will you!

  • You generate meaningful testimonials and case studies to show off in your marketing that prove you know what you’re doing and speak your prospects’ language.
  • You feel a million times more confident in your services — doing it and promoting it.
  • That confidence enables you to attract more customers and referrals with ease.

Are you ready to create
your version of success?

Clients, money, and influence are all waiting,
if you’re truly ready to move up in the world.

The ticket? A private, 6-month mentorship with me, Eli Natoli.

I’ve designed this program
specifically for people who want:

  • Repeatable, Consistent & Reliable Income: you want to stop trading dollars for hours. You want to build a brand and multiple revenue streams so your business is highly profitable — and finally live the lifestyle you truly desire!
  • Authority, Influence & Impact: You want business opportunities to be knocking on your door — instead of the other way around! You want to create demand and authority while strategically putting yourself in front of the right people.
  • Independence & Financial Security: You want raving fans and an email list of your dream clients who already know, like and trust you — and are ready to BUY.

This program is tailored specifically
and personally for you.

I’ll give you everything you need, and
nothing that you don’t — so you can pull
it together and build out your life and
business the way you desire.

But with hundreds of coaches out there promising the moon, how do you know my program can really do all this for you?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Hi. I’m Eli 😉

In 2013, my life changed in a HUGE way,
when I finally cracked the code of online marketing and found out that most of what I’d been told was flat-out WRONG!

I cracked the code with my own strategy, adding significant, repeatable revenue to my business.

But before that, I was really on the struggle bus.

Trading hours for money.

Working 16 hour days.

Feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated and incredibly frustrated.

I had my sights set firmly on earning at least 10K/month, but it just wasn’t happening, no matter how hard I pushed, how many hours I put in or how many seminars and programs I tried.

I came to the realization that every marketing program — and most marketing “gurus” — teach you the same things: how to get more clients, how to make more money, how to grow your business.

But nobody is really taking a step back and saying wait a minute! The real question is how can you better serve your clients? How can you get faster, better, bigger results for your customers?

At that point it was clear that if I was gonna get out of this feast-or-famine cycle — and end the constant worry of where the next client was coming from — I needed to change the way I ran my business.

That gave me pause. Why did I start doing this in the first place?


The #1 reason I started my own business was to serve and help people.

So it made total sense that if I focused my attention on serving, then I wouldn’t really ever have to worry about selling!

I started to approach all of my marketing efforts from the perspective of “how does this help me serve my clients better? How does this set me (and them) up for quick wins up front and measurable results throughout our relationship?”

From that point forward, everything else fell into place all by itself. My services and products basically sold themselves.


Because the results I got for those customers did the selling.

And now..

I’m on a mission to help people like you, people who care about getting results for their customers, but don’t know how or where to start.

I want to help you intentionally craft the type of business that supports your clients and gets them the biggest results possible — in the shortest amount of time.

Because what I know from experience is this: when you do right by the people you serve, the side bonus is the ability to earn 5 or 6 figure or beyond — and the growth of your business. Effortlessly, organically, and authentically.

Let me show you the shortcut.
(because that’s exactly what this is.)

If you know your business has incredible potential, but you can’t seem to unlock it…

I would love to give you my success formula — personalized and customized for you, your business, your customers — that generates referral after referral and sale after sale with minimal effort.

I want to show you how to put yourself in a position where your results will do the selling for you!

In this mentorship program, I meet you where you are, and
customize these 7 key pieces to fit your business, so you
can create the clients, impact and wealth that you desire.

Establish your profit plan.

    Build a rock solid foundation for a unique, profitable business that genuinely makes a difference.

  • Clarify your business vision and goals, and understand your numbers and profit plan.
  • Effortlessly stretch your business goals and map out the exact path to reach them.
  • Create a personalized blueprint that you can repeat again and again, for every marketing effort and every product or service you roll out.

Establish your Core Foundation.

  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are and what they are dying to learn from you.
  • Find the hot-selling topic that makes you stand out from the crowd and attracts your ideal clients — and keeps you from becoming just another juice box next to the other juice boxes on the shelf.
  • Level up your brand positioning, harness the power of your unique strengths and articulate your brand story in a way that resonates with the audience you serve.

Find and develop your
irresistible signature offer.

  • You’ll learn how to create an offer so bursting with value that your competition all but disappears.
  • You’ll learn how to name your offer so it stands out from your competition — and lets your ideal client know right away that your offer is tailor-made specifically for them.
  • I’ll share my pricing secrets, so you can price your program the right way and get paid what you’re worth! One thing that makes me totally crazy is seeing talented people like you not getting paid what you’re worth. No matter how great your gifts and talents are, this is a recipe for burnout, and I don’t want that for you! You are far too valuable and you have far too much to share in this world — so I’ll show you a pricing strategy that rewards you appropriately.
  • You’ll also get my secret, service-based method that will help you fall in love with your offer and take every last bit of fear OUT of selling!

Create content that creates trust
and makes your audience hungry
to work with you.

  • Develop a strategic, achievable plan to stay connected to your audience, attract new fans and promote your offerings — based on your unique strengths.
  • Learn action-based, value-driven strategies to create content that helps increase your sales, and leverage the power of email to connect with people who need what you have to offer.
  • Learn the key to choosing the right ratio of content vs. promotion — and how to make smart decisions on what, where and how frequently you publish (hint: it’s probably less than you think!). Here, you’ll plan and generate 6 months’ worth of content ideas!
  • Create an instant, magnetic connection with your audience that they feel with every single piece of content you send them.
  • Get your audience hungry to work with you by positioning your content to over-deliver —without overwhelming them.
  • Seed your content with key triggers your audience needs to hear before they’ll buy from you.
  • You’ll also learn how NOT to write content to attract subscribers (and what to do instead).
  • I’ll show you the service-based approach that puts an end to the struggle of generating new leads.
  • You’ll learn how to set up a passive list building system that converts like crazy!
  • You’ll learn how to craft a compelling call to action that uses proven psychological triggers (no matter the audience or industry).
  • Finally, I’ll show you the right shift in your content creation approach that busts through any roadblocks you have in turning your ideal buyers into subscribers — and lifelong customers.

Deliver product and services
customers LOVE.

  • Learn the easiest way to powerfully transition from content to offer, without feeling salesy or sleazy.
  • Create real hunger and powerful desire in your audience, without pressuring them.
  • Develop a step by step, template-based formula to create repeatable product launches.
  • Avoid the #1 marketing mistake that causes product launches to be met with the sound of crickets — and what to do instead.
  • Learn the #1 secret behind making sure your ideal clients wouldn’t dream of missing your offer sor product launches.
  • How to write a powerful sales page, and structure it to remove doubt and encourage sales.
  • Avoid the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when presenting their offer (you’re probably doing it now – but after this module you’ll never do it again)!

OWN your Tribe!

  • Discover your true voice, the X-Factor that fully and authentically expresses yourself and your value to your audience!
  • Learn to use your social media platforms to establish your expertise and credibility to get the attention of your dream clients.
  • Learn the biggest mistakes content owners make when creating social media content that cost them credibility — and how to avoid them!
  • Authentically promote yourself in a way that sets you apart from the crowd — and magnetizes incredible opportunities for you!

Keep the money flowing.

  • The 3 easiest ways to turn your offer or service into an evergreen system of consistent, passive income.
  • Get crazy smart about how to continually nurture and convince your tribe (via your funnels) to work with you.
  • Get my double-down, follow-up, done-for-you email templates, so you can continue to generate sales on autopilot.
  • Automate specific marketing systems and structures to get rid of busywork and free up time for more valuable, money making tasks.
  • Learn which must-have email sequences can save you hours of following up with clients and time consuming, individual email communication.

This mentorship includes:

    • A personalized, one-on-one 2-hour strategic business planning session with me, debriefing your Lead Generation Indicator report and working with you to design your personalized 6-month strategy (valued at $2,000). Don’t see this report mentioned anywhere above; it probably should be to strengthen this.
    • 6 months of weekly, 1-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype (valued at $20,000).
    • Weekly accountability tracking. You’ll submit your work every week, and I’ll assess it along with your activity, to ensure you follow the process and are implementing key deliverable at each stage.
    • Lifetime access to my Create and Sell Your Own Courses training (valued at $97)
    • My Smart Lead Generation Tutorial, walking you step-by-step through building your own freebies and lead generation system (valued at $500).
    • My Email Marketing Blueprint Tutorial, walking you step-by-step through setting up your marketing emails using ConvertKit (valued at $500).

Here’s what some of my clients have to say.

Eli Natoli Testimonial 1
“Eli was truly a godsend for me and my business. She came at a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed and burnt out. I was trying to find new ways to monetize my business, but I wasn’t sure which ideas to pursue and how to effectively market them.Eli not only helped me streamline my business goals for both the immediate future and big picture, but she also helped me come up with a clear path for growing my business. She planned a marketing strategy that laid out how I was going to get the attention I needed for my digital products and, more importantly, actually get them sold.

I love Eli’s approach because she’s there with you every step of the way and creates actionable steps that are tailor-made to work for you and your particular business. It’s been a joy to work with Eli; you won’t find anyone who truly cares more about you and your success.
Beeta Hashempour
CEO, Mon Petit Four

Kia Testimonial
“If you’re looking for clarity and purpose in your business or your life, Eli Natoli is a true gem. As business owners and entrepreneurs, our lives are inseparably intertwined with our businesses. Eli is not only able to think big and push your limits, she is a sales and marketing genius. My strategy sessions with her helped me to focus on my brand and my message, and bring clarity to my core values. She also helped me make a terrific marketing plan to bring in higher-paying, more quality clients.

If you find yourself hitting roadblocks in your business or your life, or are ready to challenge yourself to move to the next level, I highly recommend you get with Eli!”
Kia Aryan
Owner, Zine Graphics

Kathy Cox“Eli is one of the most supportive, sharpest and most creative coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As an expert in her field, she doesn’t just recommend the basic solutions. She took the time to truly understand my business and make recommendations customized to my specific needs. Eli is easy to work with, highly responsive and she will treat your business as if it was her own.”
Kathy Cox
CEO, Kathy Cox & Co.

Joe NatoliEli has a seemingly endless supply of clear-eyed guidance and has done an incredible job advising, strategizing and coordinating every aspect of my practice and product development. And she gives me a reality check when I need it, instead of telling me what I want to hear — that’s invaluable.

Eli is unquestionably the sharpest business coach I have ever had and the kindest, most generous person I have ever known. None of this happens without her.”
Joe Natoli
UX Consultant, Author and Speaker

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about building my own business — repeatable 6-figure online launches and steady revenue streams — and channeled it into a step-by-step formula that can be applied across any market and any industry.

“Is this program right for me?”

The reason this mentorship program is unique is because the tools you learn can be applied at any stage of your business or career – whether you’re just starting out have been in business for 20 years.

However, no single program is right for everyone — so I want to make sure this program is right for YOU.

This is right for you if…

  • You’re just getting started as a coach, consultant, or service provider, and you feel lost in a sea of people doing work similar to yours.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you’re not getting the attention or the caliber of clients you know your business deserves.
  • You’re stuck, hoping you’re on the track that leads you to your goal. You follow the trend, you implement the next new, big thing….but you can’t even tell if it’s working.

If you could create the life of freedom you’ve imagined, and a predictable steam of income that you can count on while you grow your business…… what would that be worth to you?

For me, it’s been worth multiple 6-figures… so far.

What would it be worth to you to know exactly how to identify the wells of opportunity for new income in your business. What if you could spot them a mile away?

What if you knew exactly how to tap into those wells of opportunity and put the kinds of offers in front of potential new clients that led to true results?

What if those results, in turn, led to more testimonials, referrals, and returning business? Not to mention, increased recognition within your field?

Wouldn’t that be worth a six-month investment in yourself?

Learning these skills has the power to transform your business… and your life. Not because I say so — but because I am living proof that it’s absolutely true.

Remember: when your clients see results, so will you!

The last thing you want to do is
give up on your dream.

Do you really want to go back to a day job that leaves you unfulfilled, where you’re unable to touch other people’s lives?

While you watch other people pop up out of nowhere… and shoot straight to the top?

Do you really want to stay on the outside, looking in through your laptop screen, all the while knowing that you belong in this world of thought leaders and change-makers?

And you don’t need to spend
another minute worrying whether
you’ll have enough money
to pay your bills.

The hard truth is that this is exactly what happens for a lot of entrepreneurs.

They spend years in struggle, with stomachs knotted in worry, feeling like failures. Praying for a miracle…

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

It just comes down to making a decision.

It’s not “Can I do it?”

It’s “Will I do it?

And if your answer is YES, here’s what you have to understand…

It’s not impossible to build a business alone. But it’s a whole lot easier (and much faster), if you have the right support to grow your business.

…This is the program that can move the needle for you.

These are the skills that can shortcut your business growth.

I know because the skills and methods I’m teaching you has allowed me to go to multiple 6-figures in 3 years.

And even more valuable than the money…
I have certainty in my business.

You see, a lot of people don’t know if they’re ever going to make it.

But I have 100% certaintyin the direction my business is going.

That’s worth everything to me.

But not everyone feels that way. They don’t know if it will take 10 years to get there… or even if they’ll ever make it.

But you can — just like these good people.

“This girl knows her stuff and is willing to pass on her nuggets of wisdom to you. She’s patient and kind; but at the same time has an uncanny ability of keeping you in check. She genuinely has your best at heart and is absolutely brilliant in getting you out of your own head and out of your own way!”
Jenn Atwood

“Eli is very knowledgeable and was able to deliver information in a way that I understood, and that I can now use to confidently grow my business.

I wanted direct answers; Eli was straight to the point and no B.S., just like I like it.”
Moulali Soumya

“Thank you Eli, for your clarity, and sharing your knowledge. Thanks for reminding me that building my business does not have to be hard or time consuming — being me and spreading my message consistently is the winning combo, as modeled by you!”
Timothy Harvey

It’s time to stop struggling.

It’s time to make a real, acheivable plan to live your dreams.

It’s time to transform your life from “dollars-per-hour” burnout to the freedom, flexibility and leverage you need to grow to 5 figures and beyond.

Do you feel confident you have a marketing and sales strategy that will help you attract and convert more clients anytime you like?

How often do you find yourself working on marketing strategies that don’t seem to be helping you attract more clients fast enough or feel frustrated because the things you’re doing just don’t seem to be working?

How much time are you willing to waste until you finally find a system that will make getting clients a lot easier for you?

I wasted many months, tried all sorts of strategies and when I finally figured it out I’d incurred a whole lot of unnecessary stress and debt.

It doesn’t need to be this way for you.

It’s time to invest in yourself and your business