There’s a new illness afflicting our generation of entrepreneurs: distraction and overwhelm!

There’s too much noise! You’re consuming articles, podcasts, courses, books, webinars, tools and software in a massive rush — but all you’re really doing is increasing your anxiety, overwhelm and frustration.

You don’t need more information — you need a clear structure. A simple framework to get you from Point A to Point B.

You need to stop digging, consuming, and spending time and money on things that don’t work (or that you don’t need to be doing right now).

Self-Start Success Framework

That’s why I created the self-start success framework: to help you focus on an overall strategy that’s proven to work. It shows you how to maximize the limited amount of time and money you have — and spend it putting simple things in place that will make all the difference in your online business.

The self-start success framework will keep you from consuming too much information all at once, and help you shift your attention to taking the right steps, in the right order.

Download the self-start success framework poster to get started, learn more and hang it up for guidance and inspiration!

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