I started my journey in creating and selling online courses back in 2010. Over the past nine years, creating and selling online courses has allowed me to start and grow two successful businesses, bringing consistent multiple six-figure revenue.

To date, I’ve created and launched 9 online courses for my two businesses and 100s more for clients.

When I started on this path, there weren’t many platforms or resources available to make it easy on course creators, such as myself, to sell our courses – but that’s not the case anymore…

As a course creator, we now have so many great and reliable choices to sell and market online courses. However that’s also not free of its own challenges, for example how do you determine which platform is the right one for you?

From third party market places such asUdemy or SkillShare, to third party hosted platforms such asTeachable or LearnWorlds, to self-hosting on your own platform… when it comes to choosing the right approach and platform the sky is the limit.

No wonder many are left overwhelmed and confused, spending a great deal of time doing research online, without getting a definitive answer to why they should sell online courses on one platform rather than the other.

Today my goal is to focus on one of those platforms: LearnWorlds, with the hopes of helping you make that decision a bit easier.

LearnWorlds allows you to go from course idea to launch quickly!

This enables you to focus on creating amazing courses, instead of worrying about all the behind the scene techy stuff.

LearnWorlds is a great choice for solo edupreneurs and small businesses interested in selling online courses. It is also a very solid option for larger businesses that have complex needs related to managing continuing education or certification.

How Does LearnWorlds Work?

LearnWorlds is a cloud-hosted platform, giving you everything you need to not only create and sell online courses, but also manage other parts of your online presence, such as having an online school, a blog, community and so much more.

LearnWorlds’ intuitive point and click interface allows you to upload and structure all types of content including videos, eBooks, and quizzes without any coding experience.  Their all-in-one platform gives you everything needed to capture and nurture leads through their site builder, enroll students, accept payment online, deliver content professionally and further engage your students post enrollment.

When it comes to maintaining your school and courses, they have you covered as well. You don’t need to have any technical skills, their helpful support team takes care of the techy stuff like hosting, security, updates, and maintenance.

What is the real gem in this platform is the learning environment. It has many cool features that we’ll get into detail shortly, such as Interactive videos, Quizzes, Certifications, E-book creator & viewer, and so much more..


Sell eBooks, services, workshops or webinar using Learn Worlds

LearnWorlds is very flexible and allows you to sell not just courses through its platform, but eBooks, services or even webinar too!

Are you a coach? You’re only hours away from offering your coaching services and programs using LearnWorlds platform.

Are you an author or speaker? You can sell your products or services, sell webinars, stay in touch with your prospects to communicate important information before your event, and upsell or cross sell after your event is over. All of that just through one easy-to-use platform.

Bottom line, LearnWorlds is MORE than just a platform to sell online course!

LearnWorlds Features

Learnwolds has many great features, making them on par with other similar platforms such as Teachable or Thinkific. Some of the main features are:

Ease of use

This is a big one! The main dashboard which you use to create and run your course(s) is really intuitive and easy to use. With 100s of eye catching and beautifully laid out templates to create your course landing pages – just point and click, ype or copy your own text.

Custimized branding and logo

Your school should reflect and promote your own brand. With their Theme Editor, you can customize the style, logo and theme of your school to reflect your own brand.

Intelligent ecommerce out of the box

Offering  six of the most popular different payment options. You can also create coupon codes, course bundles, upsell or cross sell, and offer subscription plans.

Universally accessible

Every part of your school and course will looks great in any desktop, and mobile platform. Create your courses once and make them instantly available to all tablets and mobile phones! Reach millions of mobile users without the need for additional native apps.

Sell Online Courses with LearnWorld


Setup your school in the language of your choice. Customize the wording of every label to match the vocabulary of your own audience.

Marketing & Selling Your Online Courses

I really love the fact that LearnWorlds understands that the success of your online course depends on how well you market and sell your online course.

You can create schedules to send out automated emails that can be further targeted to just the right audience.

In addition you can send customized welcome and course completion emails. Send targeted emails to your students based on enrollment, completion, coupon redemption, and dozens of other filters.


What sets LearnWorlds apart from all the other platforms?

There is no denying the fact that online training industry is massive and it’s continuously growing. It’s projected to continue growing to a 325Billion dollar industry in the next 10 years… That means there is so much potential for all of us course creators to thrive and make money!

But what most “so-called expert” are NOT telling you, is that it’s also constantly changing.

Keep in mind that your audience is now exposed to information everywhere they go. We no longer need to go on a hunt for information, it lands in our inboxes daily, A LOT OF IT!

As a result, consumers are no longer JUST looking for information, they’re looking for transformation. They’re looking for the right option to give them the outcome they’ve been looking for!

In order to do that, they need to weed through mountain of offers and claims, to get to the ONE offer that’s the RIGHT FIT for them. Which brings me to the 4 features that I absolutely love about LearnWorlds

Flexible custom design ability

Your sales page can make or break the bank… and it’s not all about how well you’re able to communicate the value of your course to your prospects, or why your course is the answer to their ongoing prayers.

As a previous project manager, working in the software design industry, I’m here to tell you the design and the layout of your sales page is just as important, if not more important than your content.

Most online course platforms, including Teachable, and Thinkific give you access to create your own layout. But the catch is, you are very much limited to almost the same type of look and feel — unless if you know coding, and can create a unique layout for your course sales page, that compliments your message and content.

Most course creators are expert in their own niche, not coding.

That leaves many course creators boxed into pretty much the same layout. The only control they have over their landing pages is to change the color scheme or images. That’s why most online course sales pages look very much identical. Take away the color scheme or images, you might as well be looking at the same course x 1,00000000

But that’s not the case with LearnWorlds. Their platform comes with a library of various templates to create a unique sales page. One that compliments your unique message and offering, and communicates the uniqueness of the outcome your course offers, vs. everyone else selling the same thing in your niche and industry.

LearnWorlds Interface

LearnWorld Dashboard


Truly interactive vidoes

Most first-time course creators think recording their course is the most time consuming part of their course creation journey. That’s not entirely true! Editing and putting final touches on your video lessons actually takes a lot more time.

LearnWorlds understands that well too – their platform gives you all the tools you need to enrich your videos with titles, quizzes, popups, pointers, overlay images, questionnaires, links, persons’ info, examples, just to name a few…No need for time-consuming post-production video editing, and spending the time to learn yet another software, just to create interactive video lessons.

Only platform that allows you to create ebooks

The real differentiator between this platform and many others is that LearnWorlds offers something that none of the other platforms do –their eBook generator tool.You can mix and match templates from their library to create visually appealing ebooks, or import your own word files.

If that’s not amazing enough, their platform allows your students to highlight and take their own notes, encouraging them to take a more active role in their learning process.That’s genius! The more your students interact with your content, the higher their chances of understanding your course content, and ultimately succeeding; Making you (the instructor) the hero of their success story.

That is a huge win if you ask me!

Powerful social networking community

LearnWorlds built in social networking features lets your students discuss, like posts, and answer to posts. In addition each course has its own separate social networks.Bring your students together, build a community around each course, increase engagement and let them network.

It’s no secret that 90% of the students who purchase your online course WILL NOT make it past the first 10% of your course material.You read that right, 10%!

But when you create a community around your course, and help them be part of something bigger than themselves, they’re encouraged to try harder, and to keep up with each other!This encourages them to push through, do the work, finish the course and put what they’ve learned into practice.

Big Kudos to LearnWorlds for understanding this key point about online learning industry and giving instructors every possible advantage to set themselves and their courses apart from their competitors.

In conclusion:

Hopefully this review of LearnWorlds has helped you to see what a great platform it is. It’s packed with features which enable you to not only create and sell online courses with ease, but also showcase your expertise, and set yourself apart from every other instructor in your industry.

If you’re just venturing into the world of creating online courses, in my opinion LearnWorlds is a great place to start. You don’t need to waste all kinds of time trying to learn difficult technology or paying a fortune for someone else to get your course all set up online. Sign up for a FREE trial of Learnworlds today, and check out what this all-in-one platform has to offer!

Which is good news, because there is plenty of other stuff you should be focused on – like creating great course content, engaging with your students and promoting and selling your online course instead.

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