Have you been thinking about adding group programs to your existing offers?

Then you already know it’s not as easy as turning your one-on-one offer into a group format.

It takes a very specific strategy, to make sure you’re delivering the same results in your 1:many offer, as your 1:1.

But once you’ve got that part figured out, the next hurdle is selling out your program.

The most common way – according to 99.999% of advice from “marketing experts & gurus” is the “Launch Method”.

At the bare minimum, you’ll need to:

  • Set a date in the future when your program is open for enrollment.

  • Plan a pre-launch email campaign (2-3 emails) to build anticipation around your launch

  • Write launch sequence emails to persuade your prospects to enroll in your program.

But, in most cases, it’s recommended to run a pre-launch EVENT,

to add an extra layer of engagement to have a bigger reach, impact, and result.

This could be a LIVE (or pre-recorded) webinar, challenge, mini-workshop, contest, or mini-training,…

Launching group programs with webinars

But here’s the most stressful part:

Regardless of all the planning and prep, there is still a tremendous amount of risk involved.


To date, between my own offers and those for my clients, I’ve planned over 200+ launches.

And, the stress DOES NOT GO AWAY or get any easier.

As you get closer to opening up the doors to your program, the inner dialog gets louder and louder. And for a good reason.

Let’s face it, What if nobody signs up?


Worse yet… what if ONLY 2 people sign up?

What do you do then?

Do you run your program for only 2 people?

Or do you refund those 2 people and cancel your program altogether?

Look, I don’t know about you… I personally LOVE to skip as much unnecessary stress as possible.

So, let me show you another method of selling out your group program,


This approach not only allows you to gauge interest in your new program, but also you’ll build a ton of buzz around your new offer as you’re rolling it out.

This is especially important if you’re starting your transition from 1:1 to 1:many offers!

Ready? Let’s step through it together:


Step one: Gain Clarity

You need to be super clear on the offer itself:

  1. Who benefits most from your program?

    • What specific hurdles are they facing?

    • Or what specific outcome do they want to achieve?

  1. Why should they join?

    • What’s in it for them?

    • What happens if they don’t enroll? How would that (negatively) impact their life?

    • Or what happens if they do join? How would it (positively) impact their life?

  1. What ultimate outcome will they achieve?

    • What tangible & measurable results will they walk away with?


Step two: Quick & dirty sales page

Fine! You can skip the ‘dirty part’ LOL!

The point is, instead of spending a ton of time creating a detailed sales page,…

High Converting Sales Page

you’re going to put together a streamlined (and very short) sales page.

As long as you’re touching on the 3 important elements we talked about (in step one) you’re good!


Step three: Personalized Sales Letter

Write a personalized — and right to the point — SALES LETTER to let your ideal buyer know about your new program.

Sell your program with personalized sales letters

Nothing over the top or fancy. Could be as simple as this:

Dear person’s name,

If you’re currently experiencing ‘xyz’ struggle (or looking for ‘xyz’ solution), I have something you might be interested in…

then proceed by telling them what it is,

why it’s the right fit for them,

how it’s different from other offers they might have come across,

and why they should consider joining.


You’re literally pulling all the information from the work you did in step one.


Step four: Engage and offer

If you’ve segmented your list, send this letter to those who would be most interested in your offer.

You’ll get much better results if you send it to a more targeted lead, who’s experiencing that struggle or looking for the outcome you’re promising…

If not, then send the sales letter to everyone on your list.

The key here is making sure the email (sales letter) feels as if you’ve written it to THEM.


Step five: The ASK

At the end of the email, include this ONE single ask:

Ask them to reply back, and let you know whether they’re IN or OUT.

This is very important.

Any response from your list is a good response.

Aside from gauging interest in your new program,

You’re also looking for ways to engage your subscribers.

In general, this strategy of “talking to them”, vs. “talking at them” will pay off BIG TIME in the long run.


Step six: Evaluate Interest

Pay attention to this one…

If you have at least 3X the # of people you’d like to have inside your program ‘reply YES’,

then proceed to the next step.

So if you’d like to have 10 people inside your new program, you should have at least 30 YESs.

The typical conversion rate for most offers is 2%-5%.

The method I’m sharing here has a much higher conversion rate (close to 30%).

Let’s move on to the next step…

Selling Our your group program

Step seven: Conversion

Build out a more detailed version of your sales page.

This is a more expanded version of your sales letter,

additionally, you should add testimonials and incentives such as bonuses or discounts.

Then, reach out to those who replied and said YES.

Let them know about the extra incentives if they sign up by the early bird deadline.

So here’s how this works.

Let them the program is open for enrollment to a select few (including them).

You’re giving them first dibs to grab one of the limited seats … since they were part of the first group to express interest in the program.

Yep, I always limit the number of seats and use that as a motivation to get them to sign up NOW, instead of LATER.

And, to sweeten the deal offer them limited-time incentives.

The extra bonuses or discount is ONLY offered to them if they take action by a certain date.

We’re adding this extra nudge to move them in the right direction.

Early-bird Incentive

Now, at this point, you can break out the champion, look at your spouse (or your dog) and say “it couldn’t have been that easy?!!”

Yep! It really is.

But we’re not done yet.

You’ve sold out the first round of your group program.

But now comes the crucial part…

You’re going to leverage the momentum you’ve gained so far to create long-term buzz around your new program.

It goes without saying: you should do everything in your power to deliver the promised outcome.

Especially because this is the first time you’re offering THIS program.

Your goal is to walk away with fantastic testimonials and proof.

Here’s how we’re going to leverage all that to gain a bigger reach and impact.

As you’re delivering your program, find ways to involve the rest of your community.

It could be as simple as pulling back the curtain and showing the behind-the-scenes.

Show them what it’s like to be part of this program, such as:

  • Insights or aha moments your current clients are getting from the sessions.

  • Transformations they’re walking away with,

  • Or simply what was discussed or achieved during each session.

Of course, once you’re nearing the end of your program, ask for testimonials.

And, share them immediately with your tribe.

This builds excitement and increases the desire for your offer, for those who didn’t join the first time.

And guess what?

When you’re ready to roll out your group program again, you have the next group of people who are READY and EAGER to join.

It’s really that simple!

I’ve been using this same method for myself and my clients…

especially those transitioning from selling time to selling value.

It’s the most stress-free and predictable way to move towards the 1:many model.

If you know it’s time to transition from 1:1 to 1:many and need guidance,

Reach out to me –let’s find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

Please note: YOU must have a proven offer that has been selling consistently at least for a year.