One of the common problems I see time and time again — and I’ve been guilty of it many times myself — is that coaches and business owners spend every breath talking about their list of services, their pricing, their benefits and features.

Every instance of marketing communication, online and off, is packed with detail about their products and/or services and what they do for a living.

Here’s the problem. Nobody cares.

This is the wrong approach, because no one is ever in the market to buy your “offer”. It doesn’t matter what you sell. If you think people want to buy your product or service, you’ve got it all wrong.

They’re looking for results.

I don’t care whether you’re a nutritionist, web designer, Home improvement contractor or Veterinary Acupuncturist. This applies to any business, selling anything.

Maybe you’re a wellness coach, relationship coach or financial adviser. If I asked you why people seek out your services, you might say:

  • They’re looking to lose weight
  • They want to get their relationships on a better track
  • They want help to plan for their retirement.

But in reality, those things are all just means to an end. When a client hires you, there’s usually an underlying emotional driver:

  • They want to feel attractive again after child birth
  • They need to feel more confident to step into a bigger and better relationship
  • They hope to build financial security for when they’re older.

Consider how I market my services to you…

I don’t offer you business coaching for the sake of coaching. Instead, I offer to help you make all your business dreams come true. In fact, one of my most compelling promises is teaching you how to cut through the noise, create demand, and get more clients.

Are those benefits most business owners find attractive? Of course it is, and I know I can deliver on that promise.

Because getting more clients is critical to your business, after all. And without clients, you have no business. What’s more, most business owners have a belief that getting clients is really, really hard.

So I focus on planning their entire process, to make it bite sized and easy to follow and easy to implement.

Now, it’s your turn.

Think about what you’re offering your own potential clients.

Keep in mind that they don’t actually care about “what you offer them” even though you might be offering the best product or service out there in your niche.

What your clients do care about is getting the results they are currently wanting.

Your customers want to change the way they feel. They want to see — and be seen — differently. They have goals, desires and dreams, all of which are the reasons they’ll share an article, like a Facebook post, sign up for a freebie or buy a product.

Your job is to figure out how to position your services and products in a way that taps into their deepest desires.

So how do you do that?

Speak To The Results.

  • Find a big pain point your potential customers have
  • Build something that fixes their problem better than your competitors
  • Talk about how you can give them a result (i.e. fix the problem) in a way that resonates with them far beyond just the purchase

Think past the sale — to the outcome.

Your work isn’t over after the sale is made. You actually have more to prove now. How can you show that new customer you have the answer they seek?

How do you prove that you’re the key to creating their happy ending, their ultimate end result and outcome?

Well, you start by making sure you understand how they’ll measure progress toward that desired outcome.

Because if you know that, you can figure out what it’ll take to get them there:

  • What steps do they need to take now that they’ve purchased — what’s next?
  • What support, guidance or information can you deliver, after the sale, that helps them take those steps?
  • How will that be seen as evidence that they’re getting somewhere? Moving closer to their desired outcome?

Speak to (and sell to) those things. Make it clear that you understand what their desired outcome is. Prove that your answer, your solution or your idea paves the road for them to reach that outcome, that end result.

This is what naturally attracts your ideal clients to you. They’ll feel like you “get” them and understand them and truly want to help them achieve the results they want so much. Because you do. Does that make sense?

Do that, and you’ll not only get the sale — you’ll get a loyal, lifelong customer.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you’re going to do today to start speaking to the results your clients want and start attracting your ideal clients.