Marketing Your Truth!

50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. I believe that’s because of the way we’re taught to go about running our business.

Think about this for a moment: every marketing guru and program out there teaches you two things: (1) how to get customers and (2) how to make money.

I believe that’s working against you — because they’re the wrong things to spend your focus, energy and time on.

There is so much wrong with this approach!

  • First of all, you’re taking shots in the dark – because the outcome isn’t very clear. How can you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this article you’re writing, this social media post, this podcast interview is actually going to bring you customers… or money?

  • That leads to indecisiveness. Making decisions becomes very challenging, because you end up second-guessing every decision you’re about to make: is this really going to get me to where I want to be? Will the right prospects see it? Will they care? Will they buy? On and on.

  • Eventually, you’ll end up becoming paralyzed. The endless analysis, ongoing indecisiveness, lack of result, and working in the dark will keep you permanently stuck.

  • On top of that, you’ll come across as desperate to your customers and clients. All of your anxiety, stress and lack of confidence will come through loud and clear — and your prospects will pick up on all of it!

The problem: you’re not able to connect with them as who you truly are — which means they can’t clearly see what you can do for them.

So as you can see approaching your business this way is causing you to operate from a place of weakness, from a place of fear. And ultimately, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

But if you’re able to shift your focus from “how can I get more customers?” or “how can I make more money?” to:

  • How can I SERVE my prospects and clients better?”

  • “How can I be the ANSWER to their ongoing prayers?”

  • “What can I do to bring VALUE into their lives with every interaction they have with me?”

I promise you, when you make that shift and act on it, reflect it in every aspect of your marketing, that value will come back to you a thousandfold. In the form of money in your pockets.

So how do you market your truth effectively? With the Service First Framework.™

Pay attention to those first two words: Service. First. They are a commitment to making absolutely sure that you provide exceptional value with every interaction, whether in the early stages of attracting customers — via social media, blog posts, podcasts, interviews, video, email blasts, etc. — or during and after the time they’ve enrolled into your programs or signed up to work with you.

Because when you provide value to your audience from the very first interaction, when you get them measurable results, you’re encouraging and incentivizing them to tell your story.

You’re enabling socially visible word-of-mouth referrals — which drive more leads, more repeat sales, and more new customers than any other method I know of.

That’s how you break out of the cycle of endlessly searching for new customers; the by-product of the Service First Framework™ does it for you!

It’s all part of a loop. When you prove you can provide value — by getting them measurable results — they come back for the sale.

Ready to put the Service First Framework to work for your own business?

Join this FREE training today, where I dive into the details of a 5-step process and show you how you can build the same marketing system for your own business.

You’ll see how by shifting focus of your messaging & marketing to that person on the receiving end (and their best interests) gets you much further, much faster.

By taking this approach, you immediately set yourself apart from everyone else in your industry. How? By temporarily setting aside your own needs and totally focusing on the “other side” — the side of the client or the customer.

I’ll tell you a lot more about it, why it matters and how to do it as we walk through each step during the training.

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