Can I be honest with you here?

The truth here is that having your own business isn’t for everyone.

And, unfortunately 80% of people who start a business don’t ever make it to the top.

In fact, most entrepreneurs will never make 6 or 7 figures in their businesses.

The sad truth is that many eventually go back to their day jobs.

And others just keep struggling year after year, riding the daily roller coaster, barely breaking even, and having no financial security to show for it.

But the ones who DO make it?
They get to live their dreams…
They get to transform their lives from
“dollars-per-hour” burnout to the
freedom, flexibility and leverage they
need to grow to 6 figures and beyond.

When you started your business,
you had a dream of your own.

Maybe you wanted…

  • To leave the 9-5 corporate life behind: having no control over your schedule, dealing with annoying office politics, and feeling constant pressure to prove yourself.

  • To pursue your passions, seek out your purpose, and fulfill your potential… all while making an impact on the world: you want to feel alive and challenged – and you want your life to have meaning!
  • To have independence and financial freedom: you’d rather be working from the beach on a beautiful summer day instead of being chained to a desk in some dreary cubicle farm. To you, becoming an entrepreneur means unlimited earning potential..

Whatever your dream is, you’ve learned that entrepreneurship can be a ticket to freedom.

You see what life can look like as a successful business owner.

You see people with huge followings of raving fans, becoming known for their messages, selling their products, programs and services like hotcakes.

But your ticket to freedom feels so far away.

In your heart, you’re certain that your dream life is possible, now — not sometime in the distant future — but you’re tired of wrestling with fear and doubt about whether or not you have what it takes.

The simple truth is that if you want to be
successful in TODAY’S digital world…
…you have two choices.

You do what 95 % of your peers are doing. You attempt to run a business with pushy, sales-y outdated marketing methods while telling yourself a story of “one day…” only to be left in the dust.

You DOMINATE your industry! You learn the right way to communicate and deliver your message and offer, by implementing skills and systems revealed during my private mentorship (yep, the kind they’re not teaching you in any schools or workshops).

You focus hard on the tasks that communicate and get real results for your clients. And you use those results, that proof, to make your expertise stand out in your industry. You’re not just another juice box, next to all the other juice boxes — you’re the one everybody wants and everybody buys, because you provide true, measurable, demonstrable value to your customers.

This works for one simple reason:

When your clients see results, so will you!

  • You generate meaningful testimonials and case studies to show off in your marketing that prove you know what you’re doing and speak your prospects’ language.

  • You feel a million times more confident in your services — doing it and promoting it.

  • That confidence enables you to attract more customers and referrals with ease.

Coaching & Mentorship

My Coaching programs are based on my proven “Service First Framework” approach — enabling business leaders to effortlessly connect with their prospects in a meaningful way, engage & nurturing them to build a relationship; And, continue that engagement to build trust and convert them into loyal, lifelong customers.

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Training Tools and Programs

My Each training program has been carefully created to follow the same framework that has delivered double-digit growth in my own business and has helped me do the same for 100s of other leaders and brands.

Every program will help you create your own custom tailored, actionable roadmap to help your business grow and thrive.

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Free Resources

A collection of carefully hand-picked training and resources to help you take your business to the next level.

No matter which aspect of your business you need to grow (or launch)—these tools and resources will help you do thatwithout breaking your bank account.

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Hear what clients have to say…

Because of Eli, in the last three weeks I’ve generated over $11,000 in net profit…

Frank Bunn
Professional Trader and Coach

Eli has really helped me up my game. My results have been amazing!

Jenny Young
Brand Strategist

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One size fits all never works!
Let’s connect and discuss your specific needs to make your business profitable.

Marketing and selling is something far too many entrepreneurs struggle with — you don’t have to be one of them!

If you want repeatable, consistent and reliable income…

If you want to stop trading hour for dollars…

If you want to build a brand people trust, create multiple revenue streams— and finally live the life you truly desire…

Then I’d like to invite you schedule a one-time, 30 minute strategy session with.

Let’s chat about your business

I’d love to hear about your business, examine what’s currently not working, help you craft your 6-month business goals and map out the path to help you reach them, quicker than you would on your own..

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