Stop struggling and start selling on Udemy.

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I’m going to share the exact plan I use to generate six-figure sales every month, by driving traffic to my Udemy courses and using the momentum from Udemy to build a thriving business — one that allows me to sell other services and products!

Wednesday. September 26th


During this exclusive, FREE webinar, I’ll show you:

  • The fastest way to drive traffic to your Udemy course — even if no one is paying attention to you right now.
  • How to leverage Udemy’s HUGE audiences, advertising budgets and marketing muscle to quickly build and promote YOUR brand.
  • How to avoid the critical mistakes 8 out of 10 Udemy instructors make that lead to their courses sitting dormant and failing.
  • How to create a marketing roadmap to not only increase the sales of your Udemy course, but to also serve as the foundation of a 6-figure business selling other products and services.

Marketing and selling online courses is something that a lot of course creators struggle with – You don’t have to be one of them!

The hardest part of selling a course on Udemy is the creation part – right?

After hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears, you’ve finally created a course that meets Udemy standards. The hard part is behind you.

All you have to do is hit the publish button and you’re off!! Sales will start pouring in.


Yeah, I wish.

Thing is, that’s exactly what all those nicely-written blog posts from way too many so-called “gurus” would have you believe.
Here’s reality: the world is not simply waiting to throw money at your can’t-miss-one-of-a-kind content.

Stop struggling and start selling on Udemy

Fact: the most successful Udemy instructors are those who bring in their own audience.

There’s a LOT of competition on Udemy for almost any subject. And no matter how strong your credentials may be, who gets noticed — and who sells the most courses — all comes down to who markets themselves better.

That means it’s up to you to kickstart your course, by getting a bunch of sales upfront from your own contacts.

Then, and only then, will Udemy pick up and market that course to its existing users.

And to do any of that, you need to have an audience who’s listening to you in the first place!

In order to win the game, you need to know the rules.

Udemy has a strong, existing customer base of more than 40 million paying students. And paying is the important word here — people already spending money, people who are already sold on the value of online learning.

People who see Udemy instructors as experts, simply because they’re teaching on the world’s biggest online learning marketplace.

Because of that, the key to success on Udemy — or any other online learning platform — isn’t some magic formula; it’s a clear plan of action steps that take advantage of the strengths of the platform.

It’s about knowing exactly what to do to get the results you’re after.

generate six-figure sales every month, by driving traffic to my Udemy courses

Give me an hour of your time, and I’ll give you:

  • A step-by-step blueprint to sell your online courses and grow your business—without spending a dime on marketing.
  • A roadmap for creating a crystal clear marketing strategy to increase your income, influence and impact.
  • Specific tactics to market your message, tap into Udemy’s marketing to grow your audience, and create compelling offers so you can take control of your growth!
  • A plan for building a profitable online platform, attracting a bigger audience and creating valuable offers to grow a profitable, purposeful business.
  • The potential to reach and/or exceed your revenue goals for the YEAR — in the next couple months.
  • The ability to end the cycle of overwhelm and confusion and get to what really works.

Sell Your Online Course–Even If You Don’t Have an audience!