Ever wondered what makes the top 20% of entrepreneurs and thought leaders really stand out in their field?

What moves are they making that let them charge top dollar, attract their dream clients, and always have people lined up wanting to work with them?

After guiding countless brands to reach that coveted top 20%, I’ve figured out it’s all about nailing three key areas: Product, People, and Presence. When you’ve got these three P’s down, everything shifts. Suddenly, you’re the one being sought after, not the other way around.

Let’s dive into each area:

Pillar 1: Refining Your Product

A compelling offer is what really sets a personal brand apart. The leaders in the market have crystal clear clarity on who they help, the big problem they solve, and why their solution is the best. Their offers cut right through the noise and click with their ideal folks straight away.

The trick? The secret is to specialize, adopt a bold stance, and make your value proposition incredibly straightforward, and understandable even by a fifth grader.

Tips for optimizing your offer:

Pin down your niche and who you’re really serving

Spell out what makes you different

Weave your story or brand’s story into your messaging

Rack up and showcase those glowing reviews and case studies

Keep your offer simple and to the point

Pillar 2: Prioritizing People

Getting your offer right is crucial, but so is genuinely prioritizing people — this means putting the needs, wants, and long-term connections with your clients and prospects above short-term gains.

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders know that valuing these relationships is the key to building a brand that leaves a lasting impression and creates a loyal following.

They focus on understanding their audience deeply, serving their needs, and exceeding their expectations, which in turn builds a memorable brand people love and advocate for.

Tips for prioritizing people:

✓ Listen to and really understand the needs of your clients and prospects

✓ Value long-term relationships over quick wins

✓ Continuously seek feedback to improve and serve better

✓ Offer exceptional value at every touch point that goes beyond what’s expected

✓ Cultivate a community around your brand that fosters loyalty and trust

Pillar 3: Boosting Your Presence

Having an unbeatable offer and putting people first won’t get you far if you’re a hidden gem in your industry. Your presence — how you’re seen and known — is key. It’s not just about showing up everywhere; it’s about showing up where it matters, authentically, and with real value. This is where the top 10% shine.

They’re all about delivering solid value consistently, creating real connections, and leading their audience right to their solutions, all without unnecessary noise.

Here’s how to make your presence felt:

✓ Dive into conversations in your industry that resonate with your core values and mission.

✓ Infuse your values and beliefs into every interaction, ensuring that every touchpoint reflects what you stand for.

✓ Emphasize your convictions and make sure your audience clearly understands what you believe in and the unique stance you take.

✓ Adopt a community-first approach rather than getting hung up on just boosting your follower count.

✓ Use your content to foster relationships, not just as a tool for marketing campaigns.

Tips for Elevating Your Presence:

✓ Pick marketing channels that truly align with your brand’s voice and message.

✓ Craft a content strategy that strengthens the like, know, and trust factor with your audience.

✓ Stand firm behind your unique perspective, convincing your audience that your approach is what they’ve been missing.

✓ Seize every chance to share your insights and unique viewpoint with your prospects, using each interaction as an opportunity to share your truth and connect deeper.

By integrating these strategies, you ensure that your presence not only speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for but also builds meaningful, lasting connections with your audience.

Choosing Your Path to the Top 20%:

While mastering the 3 pillars of Product, People, and Presence is straightforward, it demands commitment, strategic insight, and consistent effort.

You can either remain hidden, missing out on opportunities and growth, or step up, join the ranks of the top 20%, and enjoy the impact and rewards that come with making a significant difference. The decision is yours.

Ready to take action today?

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